The relevance of SarahBeth Hartlage Grant program

SarahBeth Hartlage is a resident of Kentucky and lives with her family. The entire family is a fan of the Alabama football team and makes sure to visit the game once a year. They also make it a point to raise funds and advocate for the children’s hospital foundation. They work through a group called I Heart Camille. As their daughter owns it, therefore it is close to their heart. Also, they dedicated a patient room in the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation cardiac intensive care unit. In this regard, SarahBeth Hartlage also plays a significant role in providing students with grants. The most deserving and talented student must be a freshman, junior, or sophomore enrolled at an organized college or university. The award is a cornerstone in education and was instituted by her to ease financial turmoil.

All you need to know about the SarahBeth Hartledge grant application process

SarahBeth Hartlage is a well-known STM researcher and scholar. The SarahBeth Hartlage grant program was instituted in 2020. It helps to reduce some of the barriers which many students face in achieving their dream of higher education. She is an advocate of educational opportunities for students and wants to help them ease their educational expenditure. Also, students must have a detailed understanding of the Grant program:

• When it comes to the eligibility criteria, any school or college student may apply for the grant. However, the student has to get enrolled at an accredited university or college.

• The deadline for the application is the 1st of April, 2021. The grant amount is 1000 US dollars, which will go to the most worthy and deserving candidate.

• For applying, candidates have to submit an essay of 800 words on the topic-how women are working to revolutionize the stem field.

• The grant application will go to the pioneer herself, who will select the recipient. Moreover, the grant recipient will be notified, on the 15th of April, 2021, via email. Also, the name of the winner will get publish on the website

Applicant Has To Submit Documents

In addition to this, every applicant has to submit documents, along with the essay, to Along with the following information:

• First name and last name of the candidate

• Mailing address

• Contact number

• EDU email address

• High School graduation or expeted graduation date in a specific format YYYY.MM.DD

• In the case of current college students, name of the university or college they are currently attending

• Current GP

SarahBeth Hartlage earned a Master’s degree in cell and molecular biology from Tulane University. She continued her research, focusing on the macrophage pathogen survival model, and received the Alumni Association scholarship after completing her MD. She has a profound interest in the field of education and research. Hence, the grant is a primary step in this direction. Through the grant, she wants to help students who are struggling with their educational goals.