The details for applying for the SarahBeth Hartlage grant program

SarahBeth Hartlage was born and brought up in Alabama. She has a love for technology and science and did schooling from Grissom high school, which is a blue ribbon public school. People regard her as a national merit scholar. She completed her post-secondary education at the University of Alabama. Here she minored in computer science and also majored in microbiology. She was an active member of a student organization and was a presidential scholar. After completing college, she earned a Master’s degree focusing on Molecular biology and cell. Later she continued with her research focusing on the macrophage pathogen survival model.

A broad overview of applying the process of SarahBeth Hartlage grant

The grant is a cornerstone in the field of education and for students having higher aspirations. It will go to the most deserving and excellent student who has a bright academics history. Moreover, the student can be a freshman, sophomore, or junior, presently enrolled at a recognized college or University. The grant was initiate in the year 2020 to help students remove their financial barriers. However, while applying for the franchise, the following points need consideration:


• EDU email address

• Mailing address

• Any college or high school student is eligible for the grant. However, the students must get enroll in an accredited university or college.

• When coming to the deadline, it is the 1st of April 2021, and also do not be late in submitting the essay. The grant amount is 1000 US dollars, and it will go to those students who have a bright academic background and also are enthusiastic regarding higher education.

• For applying, students have to submit an 800-word essay on the topic-how women are working to revolutionize the stem field? Keep in mind that the article must be evidence-based and to the point. It must be informative and also unique to grab the attention of the examiner.

• The application will be reviewed personally by SarahBeth Hartlage. The selection of the recipient will be made solely by her. The recipient will get notified, on the 15th of April, 2021, via email. Also, the name of the grand winner will be displayed on the website that is,

You Must Apply Word Document

You must apply on a Word document. Moreover, the body of the email must comprise the following information:

• First and last name of the candidate

• Contact number

• Date of anticipated graduation or school graduation in format YYYY.MM.DD

• Name of the University or college that the candidate is presently enroll, at

Keep in mind that all the information has to be relevant and also credible. Any discrepancy with the deadline will not stay entertained. Students must make a note of the eligibility criteria and also the deadline for their benefit. The prize money of 1000 US dollars will get transferred to the personal account of the student. Hence, it is a golden opportunity for candidates to fulfill their higher education requirements without worrying about financial problems. It will assist them in completing their dream course. Keep in mind that scholarships are a means of encouraging students to take their studies seriously.